Fuzzy Front End to Commercial Introduction

We have all tried to get through the fuzzy front end as soon as possible to get to market. Getting specific criteria from marketing upfront helps the technical folks select the right ingredients for the potential product.

The Essentials of Innovation

Given enough time to think about it, we all probably know the essentials of innovation based on our own experiences.  Yet these essentials can be so difficult to apply in corporate cultures with different heritages.  So application becomes the key […]

Four Steps Toward Innovation

I have always likened the process of innovation to a baseball diamond.  Four bases to round home (i.e., commercialization) is the equivalent to simplifying the innovation process to four steps: 1) create insight 2) define the problem 3) craft the […]

Creativity is a Process of Surrender, Not of Control

In today’s culture, especially the competitive culture of corporations, the concept of surrender does not get praise and acknowledgement. Certainly, the process of triage in the early stages of development can be viewed as surrendering. This early quitting and letting […]

Fear of Failure Delays Innovation

Most folks experienced in innovation and commercial development have experienced failure.  Failure in this context is merely one step forward toward ultimate success.  The key is to reduce risks of large failures.   Many new products newly commercialized need updates, fix-its, […]

User-Driven Innovation

By asking your customers their needs, hopefully they will tell you what they need. Yet many disruptive innovations are developed based on un-articulated customers needs. By combining disparate information regarding customers’ needs, truly novel insights can be obtained.