Strong Triage Maximizes Innovation Resources

The costs of innovation have rose to the extent that discovery gaps exist for whole industries.  The pharmaceutical industry has been the focus of many studies as to why such a discovery gap (drugs with expiring patents coupled with few […]

Servant Leaders: Leadership Contains Servitude

This concept is not what most folks think about leaders, being servants of those they lead? This principle is not a cultural norm of most Western civilizations. An example? Think of Harry Potter’s behavior…..Think about the CEO’s showcased in Good […]

Getting Out of Your Way to Innovate

Bureaucratic inertia and management faithlessness aside, making your pitch to innovate involves knowing not only consumer needs yet also management needs. Maybe upper management doesn’t know what you do, so send them a short email weekly (2-3 sentences total) to […]

Innovation Metrics Revisited

Since we last spoke about metrics in 2009, metrics have remained the critical factor in measuring innovation success. Metrics are used as key performance indicators–how much bang are you getting for your buck? Overall, everyone should assess the percent of […]