Key Success Factors for Creating an Innovation Culture

How to get there and what does it look like….

The success factors for innovative company cultures are the overwhelming alignment of R&D managers to collaborate with openness to promote creativity and to manage risk. In the big picture, innovation strategy (if one exists) needs to align with the corporate strategy. High growth companies typically have strategic and culture alignment with their innovation strategy.

On a more cultural level, educational risk-taking needs to be rewarded and not punished. Otherwise the remaining organization will learn not to take risk. For example, many companies lay-off R&D personnel when their projects do not pan out successful, thus sending a message to the rest of the organization to not take risks, as well as incentivizes R&D personnel to stay off the skyline and to do merely what they are told to do. This management behavior sets up a feudal system for discovery to development to launch.

How do we get there…..

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