Your Innovation Culture

What innovation strategy and tactics best suits your company culture? Not all such strategies and attendant tactics will conform to your culture.

Who are your innovation players? Getting the right team members involves some legwork, as some high profile staff persons and “HIPOs” may not be the appropriate drivers, and some other staff persons may have hidden talents not readily perceived by management.

Do your employees really understand your customers’ needs? Yes, needs along the lines of existing product sales or services may be easy to identify, yet you may be able to take advantage of unmet customer needs that are closely allied with your existing sales efforts. These opportunities will provide additional sales to your existing customer base and perhaps bring in new customers.

Once you develop a new innovation strategy and process, how will you measure success and reward the key innovators in your organization? This depends on your culture and employee expectation(s).

Stepwise development and integration of new innovation processes can be expected to grow your company.

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