Developing a Network for Your Innovation Environment

An innovation network exists inside and outside your organization. Inside, certain individuals will characteristically have the traits necessary to form strong innovation teams. Outside your organization, the function is called open innovation, sourcing innvotive ideas, intellectual property, products, services, and processess to augment and leverage your internal resources.

To outsource your innovation efforts, your organization could seek resources in areas that complement your product or service portfolios. Opening a web portal for vendors to solicit your business whereby you decide your needs.

Mapping your innovation environment is the first step. Determine the products and/or services you need that complement those in your organization. As part of your map, look at the scope of the work in which your organization has been involved and develop a tragectory of where your organization is going. Then populate the map with potential vendors and partners your organization needs. Rank the partners and vendors based on your priorities. Once the innovation environmental map is developed and several in-sourcing and outsourcing tasks have been accomplished, evaluate their value in terms of performance, mutual benefit, complementary and respective core competencies, and respective needs and expectations.

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