Barriers to Innovation

What are hurdles to creating disruptive innovation in your organization? Many organizations, including companies, do not set aside time and other resources to enable innovation.

First, some focus is needed to exert direction and space provided so staff (employees and external consultants) will not be overwhelmed. Second, marketing your wares to existing customers is a no-brainer, but getting new repeat customers is the key to growth and organizational sustainability. So look at what product and services your organization provides, couple your product with a service (or vice versa) to existing and new customers to get repeat business. Even adding some educational piece to your new offerring may interest these customers into providing your organization actionable ideas. Capturing the ideas that staff generate is critical to successfully innovating new technology for your customers.

Whether innovation resources reside as a stand-alone department in your organization, in the human resources or strategic planning department presents the first step to getting focus and applying resources to getting new repeat customers.

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